The Island of Nevis


Photograph of Gingerland Primary School

There are 68 schools on the islands of St Kitts and Nevis, with a total of 21,946 students. On Nevis itself there are 9 Government schools and 3 private schools (Gingerland Primary School is pictured). Nursery, primary and secondary schools provide an American style of education, at present being modified to encourage higher standards and a degree of conformity. There is a 95% literacy rate with no marked gender difference. Education is compulsory for young people aged 5-16. The St. Kitts Technical College meets the technical education needs of the island’s labour force, and is now a division of the College of Further Education. Teachers are trained on the islands either through college courses or in schools. Many people travel to the USA and Canada to attend university there. Money is always a consideration although bursaries are available.

In schools young people traditionally take part in ‘graduation’ ceremonies as they progress from one area of education to another, from nursery to primary and primary to secondary. The ceremony is a thanksgiving service, allowing the children to sing and talk about their experiences in school. There is also a talk by a guest speaker encouraging them to achieve the best education they can.

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