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One of a pair of water-pots

One of a pair of water-pots


This water-pot for calligraphy is carved with entwined dragons. In the past people believed that dragons slept underwater in winter and reappeared in the spring to create rain.

Glass, carved overlay
Height: 3.8 cm, diameter: 5.2 cm, neck diameter: 3.4 cm

One of pair with N4660

Chinese Description:

水注一对 中国,清朝,约1700-1800 这书法用的水注雕刻了盘龙。过去人们认为龙于冬天潜藏水底,至春天又復出来呼风唤雨。

Creator: Unknown

Date: China, 1700-1800, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4661

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