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Iranian flask

Iranian flask


This flask was found in a burial site near Xi’an in central China but comes from Iran. The burial took place during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) when Xi’an was a large and bustling city at the east end of the Silk Route. Merchants traded glass items like this along the route from Iran. Chinese people at the time placed a high value on these precious imported goods from the west.

Glass, degraded by burial, wheel-cut
Height: 16.5 cm, diameter: 10.0 cm, neck diameter: 2.8 cm

Chinese Description:

伊斯兰式扁瓶 大约来自伊拉克,公元800-900 此扁瓶出土于中国西安附近的墓葬遗址。该遗址可追溯至唐代(公元618-907年) ,当时西安座落于丝绸之路东端,是商业繁盛的大都会。这西来商货被当时中国人视为珍品。 玻璃,轮刻,日久侵蚀

Creator: Unknown

Date: 800-900

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:Or1984.11.01

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