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Incense burner



This incense burner is shaped like an ancient bronze vessel and has animal head handles. As early as the Song dynasty (960 -1279) educated people took a great interest in the past, collecting bronzes and other ancient objects. From then on the shapes and decoration of bronzes influenced the design of many other objects.

Glass, carved
Height: 8.1 cm, diameter: 14.0 cm, neck diameter: 11.0 cm

Chinese Description:

香炉 中国,清朝或民国年间,约1800-1950 这香炉以兽首雕刻为炉柄,形制有如古代的青铜器。船早在宋朝时(960-1279),士人对过去文物尤感兴趣,收藏青铜等各式古代器物。自此青铜具的形制及纹饰影响其他工艺品的设计。 玻璃、雕刻

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1950

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4555

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