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Eye bead

Eye bead


During the Warring States Period (481-221 BC) beautiful beads like this were made in China. They have been called “eye beads” because their rings of inlaid colours often stick out from the surface, and look like eyes.

Chinese glassmakers were inspired by imports of Roman beads traded along the Silk Route. They made the beads by dropping and trailing coloured glass onto the surface whilst heating with a flame to melt the colours into each other.

Glass, inlaid
Length: 2.8 cm, diameter: 2.3 cm

Chinese Description:

蜻蜓眼 中国,战国时代,约公元前 400-200 中国早在战国时代(公元前481-221)已制作出这类漂亮的玻璃珠子。不同颜色的圈纹与圆点形成瞳孔似的纹饰,故又称为「蜻蜓眼」。其风格与自丝绸之路入口的罗马珠子甚为相像,中国工匠或许由此取得创作灵感。。 玻璃,镶嵌

Creator: Unknown

Date: Probably 400-200 BC

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N7847

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