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Disc for use in burial

Disc for use in burial


In ancient China wealthy people were sometimes buried with ritual discs like this (bi in Chinese) symbolising Heaven. The most precious bi discs were made of white jade. This one is made of white glass, which was easier to work and less expensive. The carved design of sprouting grain seeds symbolises rebirth and new life.

Glass, carved in relief
Width: 10.7 cm, diameter: 0.7 cm

Chinese Description:

墓葬圆壁 中国,约公元前 400-100,战国时代 (约公元前481-221)或 西汉朝(公元前206-12) 圆壁是祭天的礼器。富人或将礼器作随葬明器用,并以白玉做成最珍贵的圆壁。这件玻璃所制成的明器,较玉器更易碾琢,价值亦较平宜。其以穀芽纹装饰,更寓意重生。 玻璃,浮雕

Creator: Unknown

Date: 400-100 BC

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4813

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