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Altar candlestick

Altar candlestick


This candlestick was part of a set of items to use on an altar. It would have been accompanied by another candlestick, possibly an incense burner and a pair of vases. The sections of different coloured glass were made separately, put together on a wooden post and glued together.

Height: 26.9 cm, diameter: 12.5 cm

Chinese Description:

祭坛烛台 中国,十八至十九世纪 一组祭器包括一对烛台,一对花瓶及一尊香炉。这只烛台仅属其一。其制造方法繁复,先制作不同顏色的玻璃零件,再将各部份组合于木台上。 玻璃

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1700-1800, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4745

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