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Historic site, Colston Hall

Colston Hall, Bristol


Photograph of Historic site, Colston Hall, Colston Street.Colston was a prominent sugar merchant, charitable donator, and an official on the board of London-based trading company, the Royal African Company. Built in 1867 on the site of the Great House owned by Sir John Young, a leading merchant. In 1653 the house was converted by John Knight (junior) into Bristol’s first sugar house refining sugar from the Caribbean. The refinery was supplied sugar by slave plantations on the Caribbean islands of Nevis, Montserrat and Barbados, some of which were owned by Bristol merchants. In 1708 the sugar warehouses were converted into Colston’s Hospital (which later became Colston’s Boys School).

With thanks to the authors of the Slave Trade Trail around Central Bristol, Madge Dresser, Caletta Jordan, Doreen Taylor.

Creator: David Emeney

Date: 2003

Copyright: Copyright BCC Museum

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