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Historic site, 33-35 Queen Square

33-35 Queen Square, Bristol


Historic site, 33-35 Queen Square. A plaque commemorates Captain Woodes Rogers, 1679-1732, who was an early resident of the square. He was Bristol’s most famous privateer, which means he captained ships that were privately owned but given permission to fight in wars by the government.Rogers was celebrated for his voyage around the world from 1708 to 1711. Woodes Rogers had many investments including the slave ship Whet stone Gally , which in 1708 took 270 African slaves to Jamaica in the Caribbean. As a privateer, he helped to keep the Caribbean under British rule against the Spanish who fought them for it. In 1717, at his own suggestion, he was rewarded for his efforts and made governor of the Bahamas in the Caribbean, where he ended his days.

With thanks to the authors of the Slave Trade Trail around Central Bristol, Madge Dresser, Caletta Jordan, Doreen Taylor.

Creator: David Emeney

Date: 18th Century

Copyright: Copyright BCC Museum

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