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Bill of lading for cloth and other items

Bill of lading for cloth and other items


Bill of lading for Indian and English cloth and other items, shipped by Noblett Ruddock on the ship the Raymond Gally from Bristol to Africa, 1719.

The items listed include: …basts, brawles, nicannces, tapseils, phoates, congees, romalls (type of cloth), annabasses/capes(?), King cloaths, paper sletias (linen), Chintz blew and white (cloth), English Chintz (cloth), long cloaths, musketts (guns), beads, pewter, brass pans, cutlasses, gunpowder, pistols, brandy, Earthenware, knives, looking glasses, tobacco pipes …

Ruddock was a merchant of Bristol with many trading interests. He invested in the trading of slaves and dealt in slave-produced goods such as sugar and tobacco.

A bill of lading is an official record of goods being carried on a ship.

Date: 1719

Copyright: Copyright BCC Record Office

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