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Yellow vase, in Zun style

Yellow vase, in _Zun_ style


This vase looks like an ancient bronze vessel for holding wine called a zun. The ridges on the sides of this glass version represent the marks left on bronzes made in two-piece moulds. There are very similar vases in the collections of the Palace Museum, Beijing, the Victoria & Albert Museum and in the Andrew K.F. Lee collection.

Glass, mould-blown
Height: 22.2 cm, diameter: 13.0 cm
Four-character mark of Qianlong reign period (1736-1795) in a ground double square

Chinese Description:

玻璃尊 中国,清乾隆朝 (1736-1795) 这玻璃瓶仿照青铜尊—古代盛酒器的式样而制。其制作方法亦与青铜器相约,器皿两旁的范线显然为两边铸模接合的痕迹。同类的玻璃尊也可见于北京故宫博物馆及伦敦维多利亚博物馆。 玻璃,有模吹制 双方框内刻有「乾隆年制」四字

Creator: Unknown

Date: Qianlong reign period (1736-1795)

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4768

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