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Jar with lid

Jar with lid


Small jars like this have been found buried beneath Buddhist temple buildings. One very similar to this was found in Yao County, Shaanxi province at the base of a pagoda dating to 604 A.D. It was reported to still contain ‘a pale red sticky fluid’.

Height without lid: 4.4 cm, height without lid: 5.6 cm, diameter: 4.0 cm, neck diameter: 2.2 cm

Chinese Description:

盖罐 中国,隋朝(598-617)或唐朝(618-906) 这类细小盖罐被发现埋于佛教建筑下。如陕西耀县曾发掘出一只埋于舍利塔下的盖罐,该塔约建成于公元六零四年,据称盖罐出土时尚遗留「淡红色黏液」。 玻璃

Creator: Unknown

Date: Sui (598-617) or Tang (618-906) dynasty

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Object ID:N4601

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