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Yingxiong snuff bottle

Yingxiong snuff bottle


The eagle and bear (with a long nose) make a visual pun meaning ‘heroic’ (yingxiong). Above them flies a bat, a symbol of happiness. The fisherman represents one of the ‘Four basic occupations’, the others being that of the woodcutter, the peasant and the scholar.

Glass, carved overlay
Height: 6.0 cm, width: 5.2 cm, depth: 2.5 cm, neck diameter: 1.3 cm

Chinese Description:

鼻烟壶 中国,清代,约1800-1910 这鼻烟壶採用了不少文化符号,设计别致。如麻鹰、熊羆并用的装饰,取其谐音,意谓「英雄」。而其上的蝙蝠,则代表福乐。至于樵夫,是传统社会四种主要行业﹕渔、樵、耕、读的代表。 玻璃,套料雕刻

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1910, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:E2068

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