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Turquoise dish

Turquoise dish


To make this bowl glass ribs were trailed onto a ball of molten glass. The glass was then rolled against a polished iron or marble surface called a marver. This process made the ribs blend into the body of the vessel creating gentle ridges. The glass was then blown into shape and a strand of glass was trailed onto the base of the dish to make a foot-ring for it to stand on.

Height: 4.1 cm, diameter: 14.3 cm

Chinese Description:

玻璃碟 中国,清朝,约1700-1730 这只玻璃碟制作繁复,工匠先将玻璃丝拖曳至烧熔玻璃球上,再反覆将之滚动于平滑铁板或云石块,使玻璃丝粘附于胎体。其后工匠又将玻璃吹制成碗状,并于底部加上圈足。 玻璃

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1700-1730, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4603

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