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Symbolic vase

Symbolic vase


All the motifs on this vase have symbolic meanings:

Bats stand for happiness because in Chinese the words for bat (fu) and happiness (fu) sound the same. Magic fungus is a symbol of long life because people thought those who ate it would live longer. The flowers and fruits on this vase also have�symbolic meanings. Peony stands for beautiful women and good fortune and camellia stands for regeneration. The chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of autumn because that is when it flowers. It also symbolises long life and a happy retirement. Peaches stand for long life as eating them was meant to give you immortality and Buddha’s hand citron stands for happiness.

Finally, the butterfly on this vase symbolises a doubling of all the other� good wishes

Glass, carved overlay
Height: 21.7 cm, diameter: 11.8 cm, neck diameter: 3.9 cm

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4748

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