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Snuff bottle with landscape

Snuff bottle with landscape


The scenes on this snuff-bottle were painted from the inside using a fine angled brush. The Chinese writing on one side says ‘Landscape of mountains and water in the mid autumn month’. It gives a date from the traditional sixty year cycle that Chinese people used, in this case probably 1899.

Glass, painted on the inside
Height: 6.5 cm, width: 5.6 cm, depth: 2.7 cm, neck diameter: 1.9 cm

Chinese Description:

鼻烟壶 中国,清代,约 1899年 这鼻烟壶採用细小毛笔探入内壁倒画秋日山水,并题上﹕「昔在己亥中秋月山郭水村」。按照中国传统历法,己亥年即为1899年,显示此作约成于该年。 玻璃,内壁画

Creator: Unknown

Date: probably 1899, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:E2060

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