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Snuff bottle, ivory

Snuff bottle, ivory


The stoppers on snuff bottles helped keep the bottles air-tight and the snuff inside fresh. The stopper on this snuff bottle is made from ivory.

Glass, carved overlay
Height: 11.0 cm, diameter: 4.2 cm, neck diameter: 2.3 cm

Chinese Description:

鼻烟壶 中国,清代,约1850-1900 鼻烟壶设置钮盖,以求容器密闭防潮,保持鼻烟新鲜。这鼻烟壶以象牙为钮盖,形制甚为精巧。 玻璃,浮雕

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1850-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4678

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