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Snuff bottle imitating chalcedony

Snuff bottle imitating chalcedony


White, black and brown glass have been mixed together in this snuff bottle to resemble chalcedony or a similar mineral. Snuff bottles carved from chalcedony and other minerals were highly prized and expensive. This would have been a cheaper version.

Height: 6.0 cm, diameter: 3.8 cm, neck diameter: 2.0 cm

Chinese Description:

鼻烟壶 中国,清代,约1800-1900 莹透的白、柔润的棕与森然的黑浑融一体,仿似玉髓之类的矿石。但以这类矿石制成的鼻烟壶价格高昂,这件玻璃仿制品显然为价廉之选。 玻璃

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:E2063

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