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Qianlong Vase

Qianlong Vase


This vase uses seven different colours of glass. Molten sticks of coloured glass were applied to the white body of the vase to give patches of different colours on the vase’s surface. This technique is called marquetry. The coloured glass was then carved into the design of fish swimming among water plants, a symbol of abundance. Jade carvers sometimes worked jade in a similar way, using the different colours in the ‘skin’ of the jade pebble to pick out their design.

Glass, carved in relief
Height: 15.9 cm, diameter: 9.8 cm, neck diameter: 4.5 cm
Four-character mark of Qianlong reign period (1736-1795) arranged as on a coin

Chinese Description:

七彩玻璃瓶 中国,清乾隆朝 (1736-1795) 这玻璃瓶以制作技术称为粘贴套色法。工匠把各色玻璃棒烧熔,以拉曳、缠丝等方式粘贴在白色胎体上,再将各色玻璃加以琢磨,雕刻成鱼游于水藻间的纹饰。其设计精巧,更突现年年有余的祝愿。 玻璃,浮雕 刻有「乾隆年制」四字,古币式款

Creator: Unknown

Date: Qianlong reign period (1736-1795)

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4718

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