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Perfume container

Perfume container


The glass in this piece has been carved right through to allow the smell of the perfume to filter out. There are some scented sticks inside the container although we do not know when they were put there. The chrysanthemum design symbolises autumn, happy retirement and long life (because people thought the flowers had healing properties). People would have considered the design suitable for older people.

Glass, carved
Height: 11.0 cm, diameter: 9.7 cm, neck diameter: 4.4 cm

Chinese Description:

香盒 中国,清代,约1770-1900 这香盒以菊花为主要装饰,既取秋高气爽的意境,更借喻山林隐逸的逍遥。而菊花可入药,故亦像征长寿。工匠采用透雕法,使容器幽幽的泌出香料的气味。盒内藏有几柱线香,惜现时无法查知何时所放。 玻璃,碾琢

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1770-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4680

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