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Orange glass vase

Orange glass vase


The orange glass in this vase is designed to look like the mineral realgar (arsenic sulphide). In the past people in China believed that realgar was good for health. They drank small amounts of it diluted in drinks. A vase that looked like realgar might be considered lucky.

Glass, facet-cut
Height: 14.1 cm, diameter: 7.7 cm, neck diameter: 1.4 cm
Four-character mark of Qianlong reign (1736-1795) in double-outlined square

Chinese Description:

花瓶 中国,清乾隆朝(1736-1795) 这橙色玻璃杯看起来像雄黄(二硫化二砷)。过去中国人相信雄黄有益于健康。他们将雄黄稀释混入饮料喝。花瓶模仿雄黄的材质,或许含有吉祥的意味。 玻璃,模铸吹制,轮刻 双方框内刻有「乾隆年制」四字

Creator: Unknown

Date: Qianlong reign period (1736-1795)

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4528

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