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Box in aventurine glass

Box in aventurine glass


Glass with gold speckles like this was made to imitate aventurine, a quartz with reflective particles. In Chinese it was called ‘golden star’ glass. According to records of the Imperial workshop this type of glass was first made in 1741 and continued to be made in substantial quantities until 1758.

Glass, carved in relief
Height: 5.2 cm, diameter: 6.0 cm
Four-character mark of Qianlong reign period (1736-1795) in a double square

Chinese Description:

金星玻璃盒 中国,清乾隆朝,约 1741-1758 一如其名,金星玻璃模仿金砂石的质感,在其黄褐色的玻璃体内闪烁著点点金光。据清宫造办处记载,金星玻璃创制于乾隆六年(1741),其后造出大量形制多姿多采的器皿,直至乾隆二十三年(1758)止。 玻璃,浮雕 刻有「乾隆年制」四字,外围双方框

Creator: Unknown

Date: About 1741 to about 1758, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4563

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