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Bottle with lobed body

Bottle with lobed body


The blue colour was made by adding the cobalt oxide to clear glass. The lobed body and long neck give the bottle a Middle Eastern look. The glass-makers may have been influenced by glass imported from Iran and elsewhere.

Glass, carved
Height: 30.3 cm, diameter: 15.5 cm, neck diameter: 5.7 cm
Six-character mark of Yongzheng reign (1723-1735)

Chinese Description:

瓜棱瓶 中国,清雍正朝 (1723-1735) 这蓝色花瓶加入氧化鈷,使玻璃色深而透光。其直颈、瓜棱腹的样式颇富中东风味,或许工匠的灵感乃来自伊朗一带入口的玻璃制品。 刻有「大清雍正年制」 玻璃,雕刻

Creator: Unknown

Date: Yongzheng reign period (1723-1735)

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4573

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