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One of a pair of vases

One of a pair of vases


Vases like this had a decorative use, for example they might be used to decorate the desks of scholars. This vase and its pair, N4654, is carved with scenes from ‘The Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, a popular Chinese drama. The top layer of red glass has been worked in a way that makes the scene look three-dimensional.

Glass, carved in relief
Height: 30.1 cm, diameter: 15.0 cm, neck diameter: 6.0 cm
Four-character mark of Qianlong reign period (1736-1795) in a single thick square, but later in date

Chinese Description:

玻璃瓶一对 中国,清代,约 1800-1900 这类玻璃瓶大多用以装饰家居,如作读书人的案头清赏。这对瓶子的浮雕取材于通俗小说「三国演义」的情节。工匠精雕细琢,使场景更富立体感。 玻璃,套料浮雕 单方框套以「乾隆年制」四字,疑为后人所加

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4655

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