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Box, light blue


This box with closely fitted lid was used for holding sweets. Boxes have always been used in China for holding personal items such as mirrors or accessories, or for storage. Boxes were also used for sending food items as gifts. The green colour of this one makes it look like Chinese ceramics with green ‘celadon’ glazes of the Yuan (1280-1368) and Ming (1368-1644) dynasties.

Base height: 6.1 cm, diameter: 13.1 cm, lid height: 5.5 cm, lid diameter 13.1 cm, combined height: 11.5 cm

Chinese Description:

玻璃盒 中国,清代,约 1800-1900 这盒子配上紧密的盒盖可盛载糖果。古人喜好以盒子摆放镜子等私人配饰,或存放零碎杂物,甚至将食物包装成礼品外送。 玻璃

Creator: Unknown

Date: 1800-1900, Qing dynasty

Copyright: Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives

Object ID:N4586 a, b

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